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What is Australia's Violet Crumble? 
It is deliciously SHATTERING honeycomb centre covered in a smooth choc coating. It is the ultimate honeycomb experience and it’s the way it shatters that matters!

Who makes Violet Crumble?
Did you know that Violet Crumble was Australia’s FIRST Chocolate Bar, created in 1913 by Abel Hoadley in Melbourne!  Violet Crumble is AUSTRALIAN OWNED AND MADE by a 4th generation family-owned business called Robern Menz in South Australia.

Is Violet Crumble Gluten Free? 
Yes, Violet Crumble is Gluten Free.

Is Violet Crumble Halal?
Violet Crumble itself is NOT Halal Certified, but the gelatin we use is.

Do you use Palm Oil?
The Palm Oil we use segregated certified, sustainable palm oil 

Do you use Sustainable Cocoa?
Yes, we are a financial supporter of Cocoa Horizons. 

Is Violet rumble Vegetarian?
No, it contains gelatin so technically not vegetarian.

Is Violet Crumble Vegan / Plant-based?
No, it contains gelatin and milk products so not  suitable for vegans / plant-based diets.